ParcelX createdThe World's First Block Chain-Driven Packing Network,This is the third and latest generation of logistics service model, dedicated to creating a cross-border package delivery ecosystem, so that each stakeholder can join the innovation ecosystem driven by this block chain. At the same time, through innovative ecosystems, ParcelX will help each member develop more sustainable solutions, deliver packages more effectively, build more connections around the world, and find more ways to act and respond.

ParcelX's cross-border package distribution network is based on trust generated by block chains and seamless links, which ensures the security, transparency and traceability of package information optimization, eliminates redundant elements in the existing inefficient model, so as to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in the process of cross-border package distribution, and guides the use of big data technology to reduce resource waste and better protect it. Ecological environment.

ParcelX also promised that in order to support the majority of entrepreneurs in the cross-border electricity supplier industry, ParcelX will continue to launch a block chain parcel service plan for small and medium-sized enterprises, aiming at providing more logistics support to entrepreneurs, so as to respond to the national one belt and one road Economic Cooperation Initiative with practical actions, and support the healthy development of cross-border electricity providers.

ParcelX promises to supervise all the participants in its cross-border package delivery ecosystem, and to promote green packaging, green procurement, green logistics, green recycling, and significant reduction of resource consumption and pollutant emissions in production and circulation, so as to achieve sustainable development and low-carbon development.

ParcelX was awarded the first prize for cutting-edge enterprises in China's Corporate Social Responsibility List in 2018

On December 19, 2008, ParcelX (Global Cross-Border Parcel Network Co., Ltd.) was awarded the first financial and economic China Corporate Social Responsibility List Emerging Enterprise Award.

December 28, 2018