Ablout ParcelX

ParcelX (Global Parcel Network Ltd.) has created the world's first block-chain-driven package network, which is the third generation and the latest generation of logistics service model, aiming at the pain points of low efficiency, data opacity and high cost in the cross-border logistics industry.

ParcelX aims to create a cross-border package delivery ecosystem where anyone or service provider can gain mutual trust and participate in transactions through revolutionary block chain technology. Under this ecosystem, ParcelX utilizes the redundant service capabilities of delivery service providers in different countries to eliminate inefficiencies, data opacity and high costs among geographically distant nodes.

At the same time, ParcelX has established a market-based logistics network in China, Japan and Korea, with many years of experience in connecting cross-border e-commerce delivery service providers, including 30 global air carriers and 20 national postal system platforms. In addition, ParcelX has the exclusive right to operate Chinese ports, as well as overseas warehouses in Japan and Korea.

ParcelX is creating a new blue sea market, dedicated to becoming the AirBnBof the cross-border package logistics industry.